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Quality, long-lasting dust applicator.

► Ideal For Indoor & Outdoor Gardens, Greenhouses, Landscaping, Hedges, Shrubs etc.

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Dispenses ALL dust, including organic insecticides such as diatomaceous earth, Rotenone, Pyrethrin, Bacillus thuringiensis (BT or Dipel)
Organic fungicides:
Sulfur, Lime and sulfur, Copper, Bordeaux Mix
Manufactured in the USA

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High quality, long lasting dust applicator - High impact, ozone-resistant plastic - Corrosion resistant metal parts - Each unit assembled by hand, adjusted & tested - Weight: 2 lbs. - Length: 26.5” - Capacity: 1 lb. Dust is better for plants - Gets under leaves, not just on top - Dust does not add unwanted moisture to foliage - Dust is long-lasting, lingering on surfaces - Dust is less toxic, plants do not absorb dry chemicals No clean-up after use - No dragging heavy hoses - No chemicals to mix or dispose

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