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Doktor Doom PM 0.025 Thrip Killer Plus

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Doktor Doom PM 0.025 Thrip Killer Plus comes ready to use in a 1 litre spray bottle

For use on indoor & outdoor plants, flowers, or ornamentals to control leafminers, exposed thrips, aphids, whiteflies, Douglas-fir tussock moth, white marked tussock moth, spruce budworm, yellow headed spruce sawfly, coneworm and open feeding sawfly, gypsy moth, eastern tent caterpillar, forest tent caterpillar, fall webworm, euonymus webworm.

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• Safety packaging features a ratchet neck (Child & Leak Proof) trigger sprayer. Trigger sprayer has an adjustable spray button to create a mist or a jet stream. Streams up to 20 feet & sprays in all directions; even upside down for hard-to-reach areas • Use on indoor house plants, flowers, and ornamentals to control thrips, aphids, or whiteflies on most plants • Use on outdoor roses, flowers, and ornamentals to controls aphids, fall webworm, and whiteflies on most plants • Use on home vegetable gardens and fruits trees • 0.25% permethrin aerosol formula kills on contact, repels, and provides long lasting residual control • No artificial perfumes, fragrances, or attars • For best results read label before use • Keep out of reach of children • Made in Canada

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