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Doktor Doom Maximum Strength Premium Quality #1 Quick Breaking Foam Tick & Flea Killer 225 Grams

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For Those Non-Aquatic Dogs and Cats!

► Kills Dog & Cat Fleas, American Dog and Brown Dog Ticks.

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DIRECTIONS: Use ONLY in a well ventilated area, preferably outdoors. SHAKE CAN WELL BEFORE USING. Hold can about 2 cm above pet’s back and spray the entire body of the pet, beginning at the tail and working towards the head. Do not spray face, eyes or genitals. Rub the foam thoroughly into the pets' coat using a comb, brush or gloved hand. Repeat as necessary, to thoroughly moisten, but not to soak the entire haircoat. Pay special attention to neck, hindquarters, areas under legs, around the tail and between toes. Do NOT use on dogs or cats under 8 weeks of age. Consult a veterinarian before using on sick, aged, pregnant or nursing animals or animals receiving other pesticide treatment. Treatment must be repeated only if the pest problem persists or reoccurs. For effective flea and tick control, treatment of the pet should be combined with sanitation of any area used by the pet. Vacuum floors, carpets and furniture (discard vacuum bag after use) and wash the pet’s bedding, living quarters and surrounding areas. If pest problems persist, an insecticidal treatment of the premises may be required. A veterinarian should be consulted when flea infestation continues to be a problem.

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